The Weekly Villager, in conjunction with the Garrettsville Area Chamber of Commerce, is looking for “The Villager of The Year”.  

As we all dealt with the ever changing world of Covid in 2020, we saw the best (and sadly, sometimes worst) of people.  Some just dealt with things, moved on and waited to see what was coming next, while others refused to just sit back and wait.  

Our community has some amazing people who  set their minds to thinking outside of the box, adjusting and figuring out how to they could make a difference for others during the shut downs and the unknown times we faced.  

Perhaps you know that person, or group of people, that went above and beyond to make things better, helped others in our community, and deserve the title of “Villager of the Year”.  If you do, we want to hear from you!

Simply submit that person or persons name and a 500 word (minimum) write up on what that person or group did to deserve the title.  The Villager and the Garrettsville Area Chamber will share their stories and the community will be asked to vote this spring. 

Deadline for entries is January 31st.  Submission is via email —  

The Villager of The Year will be selected  and announced in our March 26, 2021 edition of the paper.